• Pocket warmer with knitted cover - Norway - hot water bottle hand warmer heat pad firebag.

  • Your ideal companion for walking to school and work as well as winter strolls.

  • Practical hand warmer, pocket warmer, firebag - reusable.

  • Keeps you warm when you're on the go - you'll never have cold fingers or hands in the colder seasons.

  • Reusable up to 500 times - heats up to 50°C.

  • Pocket Warmer with knitted cover -Norway-

    Your cosy companion for your journey to work or school, or for long winter walks.
    The knitted cover ensures a comfortable feel and helps to keep the heat in a little longer.
    Just one click and it warms up your jacket or trouser pocket.
    Make cold fingers and hands in the winter a thing of the past.

    + The clicking activates a small metal plate inside the pocket warmer.
    + Non-hazardous gel filling with sodium acetate.
    + Fast and long-lasting heat.
    + Heats up to 50°C.
    + Kneading gently after activation extends the heating period.
    + No batteries or other power sources required for operation.
    + Ready to use again after boiling for a short time, which can be done up to 500 times.
    + 2 trendy colours mixed with Norwegian pattern.
    + White/Red.
    + Pocket warmer dimensions: approx.125 mm x 70 mm.
    + Knitted cover dimensions: approx.130 mm x 80 mm.
    + Fits into any handbag or trouser pocket.
    + Excellent performance.
    + No servicing required whatsoever.
    + Contents:1 pocket warmer in hot water bottle shape with knitted cover.

    Info:the sodium acetate gel filling is completely harmless.
    Sodium acetate is also a food-safe additive: E262.
    For example, it is used as an acidity regulator in various types of fruit, vegetable, fish and salad products.

    Tip:please boil the hand warmer once before using for the first time.
    This will ensure you get the maximum possible heating duration upon first use.

    Another great tip:if you are unable to boil the hand warmer during the day,
    then simply boil them just before you leave the house.
    Use the residual heat from the boiling process, without activating the hand warmers.

    Pocket Warmer with Knitted Cover - Norway - Hot Water Bottle Hand Warmer Heat Pad Firebag - B077MFZ1K5

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    Pocket Warmer with Knitted Cover - Norway - Hot Water Bottle Hand Warmer Heat Pad Firebag - B077MFZ1K5

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